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The Moss Racing Schedule

Time sure flies when you’re having fun and racing powerful machines at breakneck speeds. Take a look at the events listed on this page to see upcoming races for the year and then come see the Moss Racing team in action. Hope to see you there!


- Phoenix National


- Tuscon Divisional


- Las Vegas National

- Las Vegas Divisional


- Fontana Divisional


- Sonoma Divisional

- Sonoma National


- Seattle National

- Seattle Divisional

- Indianapolis National


- Earlville Divisional


-Phoenix Divisional

- Las Vegas National


- Las Vegas Divisional

- Pomona National


The Moss Racing NHRA Drag Car History

1991 – Chevrolet Monza – NHRA Super Gas (9.9 sec index @ 168 mph)

The first NHRA competitive car that Ken drove helped to put his name on the map

1st big Divisional win in Seattle, 1993 with the Monza

2000 – Don Davis Corvette Roadster - NHRA Super Gas (9.9 sec index @ 168 mph)

Won several “Best Appearing Car” awards at various race tracks

Ken won 2 National events in Pomona and Seattle, respectively

2003 – Chevrolet Cavalier – NHRA Super Comp (8.9 sec index @ 186 mph)

Won 1 National event in Seattle

Won 1 Divisional title in Phoenix

2010 – New Chevrolet Cavalier – NHRA Super Comp (8.9 sec index @ 186 mph)

Won the Phoenix Divisional title 2 years in a row, 2011 & 2012

Our Cars


Don Davis Corvette Roadster - NHRA Super Gas (9.9 sec index @ 168 mph)


Jerry Bickle built 1968 Chevrolet Camaro – NHRA Super Comp (8.9 sec index @ 186 mph)

Won the coveted “Best Appearing Car” award at the 2014 NHRA Toyota National event in Las Vegas

Both cars have an after-market, 2-speed automatic transmission, air shifted. They run on big block, Chevrolet based, all-aluminum engines. The Camaro boasts a 632” and 1340 horsepower while the Corvette holds a 584” and 1210 horsepower. These race cars are equipped with a single 4-barrel carburetor and fueled with racing gasoline.

When at the race track Moss Racing calls a motorhome conversion on a Frieghtliner chassis home. The cars sit comfortably in a 30’ T & E Stacker trailer and there’s even enough room left over for a golf cart that’s colour coordinated to match Ken’s car colours.


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